* Integrated Energy Therapy – energy therapy that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good!
* Holistic Wellness Coaching – a powerful form of life coaching that combines every aspect of life – body, mind, spirit, and soul.
* Mind, Body, Fitness Coach – Empowerment coaching to help you take control of your body through fitness & nutrition.
* Life Coaching – Coaching to help set and achieve your goals while overcoming your obstacles.
* Guided Imagery – is a gentle yet powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination to reduce stress and increase relaxation.
* Reiki – a hands-on energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes self-healing.


* Integrated Energy Therapy classes and workshops.
* Workshops Offered in meditation, mindfulness, chakras, essential oils, crystals, mind, body, fitness.
* All classes and workshops are held online through Zoom.