Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) class descriptions

IET Refresher- The perfect class to review what you learned in the in-person class. Get your questions answered. Review techniques and the session format. Gain the confidence to take your gifts out into the world There are three different classes Basic Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. You will not receive attunements or a certificate. You must have taken the in-person class to attend.

IET Practitioner Practice- the perfect event to gain confidence in giving a session. Get answers to your questions, receive feedback on your session format. These events focus on remote sessions.

IET Teleconferences- get all your questions answered, ask questions about giving sessions, advertising, Integrated Energy Therapy, other classes or events. Build community and get support on your IET journey.

Intro to IET is typically a one or two hour lecture introducing the concepts of Integrated Energy Therapy.

IET Sacred Relationships Workshop- Through this process you will learn to test the sacred energy potential of your relationship, increase the sacredness of existing relationships, attract new sacred relationships, and live your life more sacredly.

IET Vision Board Workshop is typically several hours.  Students will construct a physical Vision Board, and use IET techniques to manifest that vision.

IET Festival of Angelic Light- this event is filled with IET energy, IET techniques, sharing, and self-healing. Each one will be diiferent.

IET Master-Instructor Only Classes

How to Teach is a one-day class spent reviewing how to teach the most popular IET classes. Increase your confidence in a comfortable setting while reviewing and practicing everything you need to teach these IET classes with confidence.

Deepening is a one-day class where we explore a deeper level of you, using many of the IET tools and techniques currently being taught in our IET Master’s class, and apply them during this workshop to support you in receiving your Reach.

MI Refresher 2-day Class- This is a 2-day class. We will review everything you learn in the MI class. We will not practice attunements. Does not include a certificate.

MI Refresher 1 day Class- This is a 1-day class. We will review all the techniques, MI session format, and review self-attunements in the MI class. We will not practice attunements. Does not include a certificate.